[one_third][box style=”1 “][iconbox icon=”puzzle” icon_size=”big” title=”Cost Recovery Suite”] Since 1983, SAI Systems Auditing has been the premier re-seller of Copitrak, a specialized program of cost recovery and expense management. We help professional firms maximize their disbursement recoveries.
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[one_third][box style=”1″][iconbox icon=”congs” icon_size=”big” title=”Nth Degree Technologies”]Nth Degree Technologies has developed the leading software platform Matter Expert – it seemlessly integrates with legal financial systems to streamline tedious and time-consuming workflow processes with solutions.
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[one_third_last][box style=”1 “][iconbox icon=”arrows” icon_size=”big” title=”File Sharing & Collaboration”] Enhance workflow and efficiency in the Less Paper Office; tools that combine efficient distribution and collaboration, providing secure user and client friendly interfaces in desktop and mobile environments – a totally integrated solution.
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Systems Auditing (SAI) markets and supports Integrated Workflow Solutions in three main areas: Cost Recovery Suite, Advanced Scan work flow, Secure Print Management, Hubshare and Digital Binder.
A dedicated specialist since 1983, SAI has a demonstrated record of industry leadership and a client retention rate that would be the envy of any competitor. Providing excellent service to our customers has been our focus and our customers have rewarded us in return!
Since we are specialists, we can also help you by consulting to improve workflow capabilities or to suggest improvements to the system/procedures to enhance performance. Our deep domain experience has taught us how to “tweak” a system to get the most out of your business investment!
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