Cost Recovery & Advanced Scan Routing Overview

Copitrak cost recovery
Copitrak continues to lead the industry by offering revolutionary user-friendly features and functionality to boost productivity. The Copitrak solution today is a fully integrated cost recovery system that contains modules to track copies, prints, scans, phone calls, fax pages, postage, and other third party disbursements such as RightFax, Quicklaw, Westlaw, LexisNexis, etc. Beyond tracking, we also offer the ability to confidentially secure your printing to be released at the MFP/printer.

With our Advanced Scan Routing technology, Copitrak can be integrated with any scanner to seamlessly OCR and route your documents securely. You will have the ability to limit what scan routed are available to the end-user and even set pre-determined defaults. One of the more popular features we offer is the ability for Copitrak to integrate scans into several commonly used Document Management Systems, SharePoint or OneDrive.

The Copitrak modules make data workflow easy for the end user to maximize recoveries and to increase overall efficiency for the firm, by using one integrated solution.

Our solution offers two types of tracking. Copitrak Path terminals for high volume copiers (copy center) along with Copitrak Embedded on most copier makes and models. See brochures for more details.

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