The Digital Workplace  (Client Portals / Extranets / Intranet)

Nurture your professional relationships; collaborate with your teams and clients in intuitive digital workspaces by facilitating mobility and centralizing files and communications.

Create concise and fluid communication; centralize communication, tasks, and files with innovative features to make collaboration effortless.  Users can resolve issues quickly and prevent miscommunications. Access important contacts to find their details without relying on others.

Digital Workplace Solutions from SAI Systems Auditing enable document collaboration and workflow management.  With feature-rich controls that create intuitive, compliant, and globally accessible documents while viewable in all original file formats that can be annotated, redacted, and edited, the key to overall productivity and security.

When fully implemented, our solutions enhance popular document management systems, providing fast and secure document collaboration access by authorized users, all while protecting document version integrity.

Our solutions offer the efficient management and sharing of documents for review and collaboration with the utmost in data protection – capabilities that are important to every business.

Building on 30 years of experience, R&D Systems Auditing Inc. helps each firm choose, implement, and fine-tune the appropriate document collaboration solution to meet their specific needs.