Learn how you will significantly reduce your firms overhead costs and will increase productivity and profitability, while enhancing the service you offer to your clients.

Law firms that practice Corporate Law and Accounting Firms that manage their clients essential documents; this article will reveal an efficient process of creating, updating and sharing Corporate Minute Books (AKA: Electronic Virtual Corporate Minute Book Binder).

Keep reading and learn how to review the Seven Steps on how to get started.

Stay Ahead of your Competition

Before your clients learn about this customer service enhancement from one of your competitors; do yourself a favor and investigate how an Electronic Virtual Corporate Minute Book Binder, which directly integrates with your Document Management System, Content Management System or Practice Management System, will positively affect your bottom line. In fact, when integrated, all your clients binders can be automatically created and ready for distribution at will.

Creating a Minute Book often starts with the ordering of a minute book shell. Depending on the quality, these can range from $50 – $200 and that is just for the Binder and Tabs, the content then has to be prepared and inserted into it, then it has to be either stored at the corporations head office or with their representative firm, oh yeah, then they have to be maintained. Keep reading to learn that there is a better way…

Find Minute Books in Seconds

Locating corporate records in an Electronic Corporate Minute Book is easy in contrast to traditional paper minute books that can sometimes be very time consuming for the attorneys, accountants or staff that need to locate them; especially if there are hundreds or thousands of books being kept in their firms.

Once a traditional minute book has been physically found, it will take longer to find the content within it than simply searching the digital records that have been optimized with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and has been fully indexed.

Spend hours less looking and reclaim hundreds to thousands of wasted hours a year and put that found time to use earning new business with new clients or enhancing your existing clients business relationship.

Easy to Use, Share and Update

The format and layout is basically identical to the familiar format of a traditional paper minute book; there is a fully customizable cover, table of contents, labeled tabs and a variety of documents contained within.

Clients can be granted either a “viewer” or “editor” permission and can access the content through a free viewer license. For further portability, the minutes books can be converted into a PDF file, HTML5, or simply print it off.

Updating could not be easier; simply add a document with a couple clicks of your mouse and you are done, even if the Corporate Minute Book is at the clients site, they will also receive the changes, instantly.

In the Office or On The Move

Lawyers, Accountants, other professional representatives and Clients alike can all have remote access to these and other content that was formerly kept in a physical paper binder.

Secure and remote access to these critical documents could not be easier.

Multiple file formats? No problem! These binders can be seen on any computer at any time without the need to concern yourself if the recipient has the same software.

Out with the Old and In with the New

The facts are very clear; the old fashioned Minute Book process is extremely outdated and ineffective in supporting today’s modern technology and demands for mobility.

Adhering to the old way of doing things is not only holding your firm back, it is also holding up your clients too.

Make Money Faster

The new process will certainly take some work to get started, but the payoff will be swift and will be surely seen in a reduction of time spent in the overall process of the creation, maintenance, storage and retrieval of the new virtual minute books.

Keep Your Clients Happy

The icing on the cake will be the ability to provide your clients with the best possible customer service and that will translate into longer term business and better referrals.

Sounds Good, but are You Afraid to Suggest Change?

You are not alone; implementing change in any organization is a challenging task, so that you can move forward with a bit more ease and confidence, we are happy to help by informing your on some best practices.

Get Everyone on the Same Page

To ensure a successful integration and regular use of the Electronic Minute Books and other Virtual Document Binders, will hinge on a well-developed internal process.

All staff in the Champion group and beyond as the program extends past a trial to full implementation must diligently promote consistent use.
The very best solution will be completely useless if all users are not fully committed to developing the minute book content following the prescribed process.
Direction for the commitment has to be supported from the top down; Presidents, Managing Partners, CIO, CTO, CEO and all managerial levels must be dedicated to a positive outcome. More importantly though, there has to be support from the bottom-up too.
Here is some help; the the 7 Steps on How to Get Started: Electronic Virtual Corporate Minute Book Binders and you will have access to all of the Product Information, Videos, Brochures and more. Get started now!