30 years ago, today, Russell Paquette started working for SAI Systems Auditing.Russell Paquette - 30 Year Service Award

Not many companies have the privilege to have someone as good as Russ on their team and we are fortunate enough to have had Russ working with us basically his whole professional life.

“It is with heartfelt gratitude that I wish to thank Russ for his service to our company; it has been many years Russ, we have watched our families grow, gone to weddings and shared many good times together, I look forward to at least 20 more with you! – Barry Riback”

Russ pointed out to us that when he was in school, they were still teaching “Vacuum Tubes” and that circuit boards had not even made mainstream yet!

Other than losing his hair, Russ seems to have no regrets and enjoys his time here at SAI.

Happy 30th Anniversary Russ!

Our company seems to be unique by today’s standards, there are not too many places, especially in the technology field where you will find employees who have been here as long as those at SAI.

Nicole Harvey - 10 Year Service AwardAlso being recognized for their service today was Nicole Harvey, 10 years!  Nicole has been working as a Project Co-Ordinator for SAI and is another corner stone in the success of our company.

Other team members with notable years of service include Tony – 29 years, Ray & Bob (Seattle Office) 15 Years, Rachel with 9 years, Dave with 11, Rob with 7, Ryan with 6 (Seattle) Nick with 6 and many others with multiple years of service.

Barry of course, the Grandfather of Copitrak and the Owner, President and CEO of SAI, has somewhere in the area of 30 years as well, but none of us were born then to know for sure and the stone tablets were lost in one of our many moves over the years.