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Copitrak Embedded

Copitrak Embedded Terminal Software, or Copitrak ES, is a software-only (no terminal required) embedded technology.  Copitrak ES can be run on the built-in display screens of many multi-function devices.  Copitrak ES offers complete functionality, allowing the control of copy, scan to email, scan to folder and scan to fax. All features contained in the eClipse terminal feature description are applicable in this version.  Features of the Copitrak ES include:

  • Scalable solution allows your firm to track more devices, more efficiently
  • Copitrak ES system provides users with all the features they expect in a fully integrated single solution
  • CopiTrak ES embedded solution is linked in real-time with the firm’s accounting system for validation of Client-matter numbers
  • The embedded solution can co-exist with all other Copitrak terminals

Copitrak ES is a fully integrated solution to the majority of vendors.  Please contact us for details.