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Nikec Docstore

Nikec Docstore is an application designed for professionals which allows storing any type of file, accessing them remotely from a computer or an iPad and sharing them with authorized colleagues or clients.

By combining ease of use and the level of security required in the exchange of working and sensitive documents NiKec Docstore is ideal for mobile professionals and collaborative work. Plus the application is available on premise or in cloud (SAAS), so you always keep full control of your documents.

Key Features & Benefits

Docstore on iPad

  • Access your files whenever you need to, however you wish, and from anywhere
  • Backup your important documents in an environment that you fully control
  • Avoid multiple copies and versions of documents while accessing them from your computer, your laptop or your iPad
  • Support teamwork in your organization, with partners or with customers by easily sharing files or folders with authorized persons
  • Reduce traffic load on your e-mailing and FTP servers and do not depend on the reliability of a USB key or a CD Rom when transferring files