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CSS (Copitrak System Software)

Copitrak_Touch_LogoCSS is the cornerstone of the Copitrak system. This application software acts as a brain trust providing user and account validation and distribution, transaction collecting and costing, and reporting and exporting

This is the new generation expense management system from Copitrak. It offers a complete enterprise-wide system designed from the ground up.

As the core component to the Copitrak suite of products, CSS uses industry standards to offer complete and open functionality in the work environment. Coupled with the new web based interface and web services, more than ever, administrators are able to view and manipulate their data.

CSS is completely compatible with existing Copitrak terminals and software and uses industry standard Microsoft Outlook screens.


  • SQL database
  • Automated real-time collection of all transaction data
  • Accessed through Internet Explorer
  • Real-time SQL connection to client-matter table in accounting software for immediate updating to entire Copitrak system
  • LDAP connectivity and import of user authentication
  • Automated integration with major accounting billing software
  • Supports multiple offices over a LAN/WAN network environment using TCP/IP
  • Reporting – Built on the powerful Crystal Reports engine, the CSS.NET reporting engine can produce both text-based and graphical reports available via a web reporting interface.

Other CSS Modules

Copitrak Editor

Provides world-wide access to the CSS database for on-line transaction editing via Internet Explorer. Authorized users have the ability to edit their daily transactions to correct missing or invalid account codes from anywhere secure internet access is available. Copitrak Editor provides you with ability to edit transactions on-line and eliminates the need to print and distribute exception reports while ensuring that billing data is always valid.

General File Importer (GFI)

The general file importer module allows you to electronically import disbursement data from 3rd party service providers such as shipping charges, online legal research systems, credit card charges, etc. This eliminates the need for manual entry and reduces errors in recording data.

How does it work?

  • Transactions enter the Copitrak system through the GFI
  • The system then checks each transaction for user and client matter information
  • Transactions with valid client-matter and timekeeper information flow directly into the accounting system
  • Transactions with invalid client-matter or timekeeper information are presented to the staff for immediate correction through the Copitrak Editor (see above) system

The following cost imports are available: LexisNexis, Westlaw, Federal Express, UPS, DHL, City Messengers Services, Calling Cards, Mobile Phone Services, Right Fax, Diners Club, American Express, Travel Charges, Car Services & others.

Accounting Connector – Multibill

The Copitrak Billing Connector “Multibill” provides advanced integration between the Copitrak system and Time and Billing systems such as Elite, Aderant (CMS), Acumen (Dexco), ProLaw, ESILaw, PCLaw, and many others.

This process also provides automated reporting and email functions for the financial systems personnel for batch load verification purposes. The billing system connector is configured and executed on a scheduled recurring basis as required by the firm.

Highlights of some of the key features:

  • Automatic transfer of billing data to CMS/Elite and other accounting packages
  • Real-time notification of data transfer to accounting personnel via email
  • Real-time eBatch reports that summarize transferred data by office
  • Report thresholds call attention to issues with uploaded data
  • Trend reports show trends in various types of costs
  • Ability to do SQL link with client/matter tables
  • Immediate feedback via email of success of billing transfer with group number
  • Email alert if problem occurs with upload
  • Repost mechanism to resubmit batches
  • Automatically reroute problem transactions for correcting before posting
  • Handle advanced transaction types (voucher type transactions)
  • Transaction confirmation through web interface
  • Ability to import 3rd party costs and route to accounting

Admin Portal

Monitors the entire Copitrak system and notifies Copitrak support and site managers immediately if problem occurs with the system. This means that any problems will be caught immediately reducing the chances that revenue will be lost. ServiceTrak charts allow system managers to see, at a glance, transaction usage by transaction type, site or machine.