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 Copitrak Phone

Copitrak Phone provides effortless tracking and costing of telephone usage. Copitrak Phone will also track the newest VOIP based systems including: Nortel, Cisco, 3Com, Avaya and many others. This system can also import usage data from other telecommunication devices, including fax machines, for costing of toll charges.
Copitrak Phone provides tracking and costing of telephone usage. By collecting call data directly from the SMDR port of the phone system, the software ensures that 100% of all calls are accurately tracked and recorded.
Copitrak Phone provides users with the familiar Windows drop-down menus as well as toolbar buttons for quick access to all of the features.
The users enter client/matter information by simply dialing the account code from their telephone keypads when making long distance calls. This call data is then processed by Copitrak Phone, costed for toll charges and optional surcharges as required, and assembled into a variety of reports for billing. This data is transferred automatically along with other disbursement data to the host billing system.
Copitrak Phone uses a powerful pricing model, which gives you complete control over how your calls are priced. You are provided with rate tables from all of the major telephone vendors. You can set fixed rate pricing as well.
Calls made with missing or inaccurate codes are sorted by user and transferred to the WebEdit transaction editing software where either the system manager can make corrections or, if you chose, each individual user can correct their own. This eliminates the need for paper exception reports.

Multi-office Applications

Copitrak Phone allows integration of multiple offices into one system. This eliminates the need for separate systems in each office.
With Copitrak Phone Enterprise Edition firms can have complete control of the call accounting needs of all locations from one convenient location.
Copitrak Phone gathers the call accounting information from each location using a TCP-IP call buffer box (pictured).
Using Copitrak Editor and Web Reporter tools, users and system managers (from each office) will be able to access all their call information via any Web Browser!