The Copitrak Elo is the most powerful and productive external terminal in terms of user experience and scan performance for the professional market. It is an external hardware terminal with performance comparable to the modern desktop PC which enhances the speed, functionality, and quality of scan delivery all through a single unified user interface. The result leads to improved productivity, efficiency and an enhanced user experience while fulfilling all compliance and network security regulations. Business challenges Inconsistent user interfaces: Users who are forced to adapt to inconsistent user interfaces are less efficient and productive. Additionally, this can cause frustration and lead to poor satisfaction and an unhappy workforce. Inefficient scanning workflows: Without a consistent user interface, it makes it harder for the user to perform their scan workflows efficiently. Also, without the right technology in place users are not able to take full advantage of advanced scanning workflows that lead to increased user satisfaction and ultimately an improvement in productivity and scanning efficiency. Security and compliance risks: The pains of meeting compliance regulations and enforcing standardized processes are common occurrences that reduce efficiencies and can lead to expensive fines. Organizations that are using older technology open themselves up to security and compliance risks. It is also harder for them to manage and secure their environment Benefits Unified user interface: With a consistent, unified interface across all makes and models of MFDs your users will not need to adapt the different user interfaces in a mixed MFD environment. This allows your users to work fast, smarter, and more efficiently. Powerful, efficient scanning workflows: Utilizing the new Copitrak Edge pull scanning mode, you can now initiate your scans directly from the Copitrak ELO terminal’s interface. Edge provides enhanced imaging processing capabilities where you can control resolution, DPI, contrast, brightness, auto color correction and duplex, which streamlines your scanning process. This minimizes the need of time consuming, post image processing and allows your users to be more productive and efficient. Increased security: Copitrak ELO comes installed with the latest Windows 10 operating system, providing your organization with greater security that is easy to manage and control. This allows your organization to install the latest network security policies and administer them remotely. Feature comparison ELO for Copitrak is a powerful terminal that will enhance your scanning workflows, make your organization more secure, and ultimately improve the productivity of your workforce. The Copitrak ELO terminal is intended to replace your current Copitrak eClipse terminals due to its enhanced security, advanced scanning features and overall functionality.  

Key Features Coptirak eClipse Copitrak ELO
Larger screen 8” LCD touch panel 800×600 12.1” LCD touch panel 1024×768
Faster performance More than 10 years old ARM processor The power of a modern Intel based CPU
Security/Encrypted protocol Windows CE 4.2 Windows 10 Pro
Scanning functionality Folder watch (network only) Folder Watch (Supports local or network) With option for TWAIN scanning on a wide variety of MFD’s)*
Card reader options External only External optional
Includes (in box) Monitor Monitor, PC, and keyboard
Accessories (buy separately) Keyboard floor stand with keyboard tray desk mount Floor stand with custom keyboard tray or desk mount

  SAI’s Copitrak ELO terminal with floor stand shown in picture above.