Everyone’s heard the saying “You can’t have your cake and eat it too!”

I’ve always hated that saying because I simply want it all!

How about you?

Going “paperless” brings on a fear that you have to settle for less, give something up, or even worse, change!

Yikes, who wants to change?

Have Your Cake AND Eat It Too…

The Digital Binder was created for those of us who want it all.  Now we can go paperless and keep our binders too!  Yes, it is possible! With a simple and intuitive interface, The Digital Binder looks and feels like a traditional binder and that’s just the beginning….

With a traditional binder you have to print off the tabs and content, constantly adjust the Table of Contents then manually insert everything into the binder.  Imagine doing all that with a couple clicks of the mouse.

Now, imagine if you were to make some changes to the documents wherever they reside, like your computer, the network or even in your document management software (DMS).

What if you could collaborate and build an electronic binder as a team, from original documents in a variety of locations, on multiple computers, on multiple networks and have all the content automatically synchronized in one place?

You may also want to combine multiple file formats too, right, like anything from Microsoft Office, PDF’s, Images, Scans, Emails (with the attachments), videos and more!

Then you will want to access this information remotely, maybe on your iPad in much the same traditional binder-like format as you created on your desktop.  Yes, that is available to you now too!

The best part is along the way you will be able to keep that look and feel of a traditional binder, only now you are doing it paperless.

Moving in the direction of a paperless office doesn’t mean getting rid of all paper or changing everything that works for you now. It means being more organized, finding files faster, being integrated to your document stores, plus add in the bonus of being able to work from anywhere. Why keep struggling with the way things have always been?

Here is how it can come together for you

Start with getting informed, like you are right now, become comfortable with the decision and learn about simple tools that will keep the process from stressing you out.  If just the idea of a digital binder is in your future, then start with something super easy, like download a brochure, watch a 2 minute video, read another blog post, or check out a Case Study.

Once you have some of the initial information, then start to do something with it!  Maybe book a demonstration and see it in action or go so far as a 7 day free software trial and put it to the test for yourself.

There are many reasons to go paperless, but roadblocks, like how we interface with documents, can get in the way; sometimes, something as simple as a 3-ring binder is really hard to replace because it simply works; the good news is, if you really want to go paperless, now you really can have your cake and eat it too!

Alas… The Digital Binder is here! http://www.TheDigitalBinder.com