ILTACON 2016 is about Embracing Change!

Change will only happen if you are given enough information to make an informed decision; only then will you enthusiastically embrace change.  ILTACON empowers Change Agents, professionals who have taken the time to learn about what is available now and what lies ahead; they take this knowledge home, with a plan and succeed in driving change in their respective firms.  By embracing change, then enthusiastically educating team members, these change agents responsibly navigate through to identify, then successfully implement the technology that will help shape the future of their firm.

ILTACON 2016It is therefore extremely important to experience the technology that will assist in completing this plan; for this reason, we have invested in a demonstration room on August 31, where those serious about learning new technology can come and spend a proper amount of time to learn about and recognize the technology that will effectively pull them towards their goals.

Two areas where change in existing processes is evidently necessary are in Collaboration with both Clients and Team Members and by implementing Less Paper Office Technologies to reduce our environmental footprint and to increase response times in delivering information.

The curious change agent will attend, the informed and empowered change agent will leave.

Register Now for ‘The Collaborative Law Firm’ demonstration on Nikec HUB

Register Now for ‘The Less Paper Law Firm’ demonstration on Nikec Binder

We are also available to answer any questions, or to schedule a time for a proper demonstration upon your return home, just visit us at Booth 823 or send us an email at info(at) and we will be in touch.

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