Imagine viewing, searching and collaborating on all your e-Discovery documents, in one mobile friendly and accessible place, without changing the original files or risking security or privacy issues. Well, imagine no more; needle-in-haystack found!

The momentum of mobile technology continues to accelerate, fueled by the demands of the end users; driving the implementation of services to support the extension of their offices to effective mobile workflows.

NiKec Binder and NiKec Docstore have risen to the call, offering a one-two punch when it comes to the secure sharing and viewing of all document types, especially e-Discovery related documents.

From the moment you first see it in action, NiKec Binder will make sense as the virtual document binder and e-Discovery viewer of choice.

The ability to cluster documents from a multitude of file types into a single viewer, formatted in a virtual 3-ring binder format, enhanced with the ability to search keywords or phrases within sets of documents that would normally have to be searched through individual or smaller sets. Users experience a dramatic efficiency in identifying relevant documents.

These version controlled documents offer the assurance that the original document cannot be modified from the time of collection with complete version control identifiers.

Further enhanced with integration to Document Management Systems such as iManage WorkSite from Autonomy (with Auto-Binder Creation), eDOCS, Google Drive and Envision (formally LawSoft) with more DMS integrations currently in development for Worldox, NetDocuments and more.

Linking directly to documents within the Document Management Systems framework, NiKec Binder offers the ability to directly link back to and open the original document within the DMS, even after non-altering annotations are made on the original documents image.

As the original files are not disrupted or altered, it is easy to maintain an appropriate chain of evidence, while enabling the ability to annotate, notate and mark-up documents, as image layers in the viewer, which can be shared back with the original binder author for closed loop collaboration.

When it comes to the concerns regarding security of the documents, NiKec Binder, in conjunction with NiKec Docstore extends past the reach of their 256 bit advanced encryption and will go so far as toremotely wipe cached data from mobile devices if they are ever compromised.

Once the original set of documents has been sorted through, the relevant documents identified and the non-relevant documents removed, if authorized by the administrator, this complete set of documents can be printed off in a variety of standard and encrypted pdf, html, XPS or standard printed formats in a nice neatly organized, tabbed set.

To ensure the effective movement of electronic documents, NiKec Docstore enables document owners tosecurely share documents with select users, while the enhanced ability of collaboration at both the folder and document levels improve effective communication and eliminate email confusion.

NiKec Binder and NiKec Docstore may be hosted on either the firm’s own Server, or in a Private Cloud environment, so the users get the benefit of a mobile file sharing and storage solution without the privacy, compliance and security risks associated with solutions hosted in a public cloud environments.

With the ability to effectively, efficiently and securely view, move and share documents, NiKec Binder and NiKec Docstore deliver the tools needed to effectively operate in today’s e-Discovery landscape.

To learn more about how these virtual binders and secure document sharing utilities will revolutionize your e-Discovery workflow, be sure to download a brochure, visit our site, or request a web based demonstration.